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What is Fast Subtraction Quiz Online?

Fast Subtraction Quiz Online is a free web (online) App that lets you enjoy guessing the answer of addition from 4 choices of numbers like a game.

Let's have fun learning subtraction like a game.

Although subtraction is a rudimentary part of arithmetic, it can be quite difficult to learn for the first time.

This application allows you to play subtraction like a game in a quiz format, making it possible to learn in a fun and playful way.

Let's learn subtraction more like a game with the ranking function.

You can not only play the subtraction quiz, but also participate in the ranking based on the number of correct answers and speed (time).

We hope you will enjoy subtraction more like a game by participating in the ranking as well.

From beginner level single-digit subtraction course to the most difficult course with negative numbers

Subtraction Quiz Online offers a variety of courses ranging in difficulty from simple elementary subtraction problems to advanced and most difficult subtraction courses including subtraction with minus signs.

Elementary 1-digit course

This course includes 10 rudimentary 1-digit - 1-digit subtraction problems. Please start with this course.

*Questions with negative answers are not included.

2-digit subtraction course

There will be 10 2-digit - 2-digit subtraction questions.

*Questions with negative answers are not included.

3-digit subtraction course

Ten 3-digit - 3-digit subtraction questions will be given.

Minus Course (every 1-digit, 2-digit, and 3-digit subtraction)

This course includes subtraction questions where the answer is a minus sign.

The course is divided into three courses: 1-digit, 2-digit, and 3-digit courses, so that students who are new to negative subtraction can easily become familiar with the concept.

Intermediate course

There will be 50 subtraction questions. The difficulty level is a little higher than the beginner level.

Advanced course

100 subtraction questions will be given. The difficulty level of subtraction gradually increases.

Most Difficult course

In the most difficult course, there will be 200 subtraction questions with a large number of digits, including negative numbers. Please try to answer all the questions correctly and get first place in the ranking.

You can also use it as a learning record of subtraction.

You can check your past subtraction quiz attempts on "My Page".

You can check your best time and number of correct answers for each course in your challenge record.

You can also check your entire subtraction quiz play history, so you can use it as a "learning record" to see how well you have improved your subtraction skills.

If you have any suggestions for improvement after using the quiz, please contact us through this URL.

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Thank you very much for your interest in the Subtraction Quiz Online.

We hope that you will enjoy

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